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Below is a list of some of the matters in which the NJP
obtained significant victories for our clients:
Before the Alaska Supreme Court
  • Smart v. State, 237 P.3d 1010 · Alaska 2010
    NJP successfully represented a care coordinator in a putative class action filed on behalf of all Medicaid providers in Alaska challenging the State of Alaska's audits of Medicaid providers. The Alaska Supreme Court held that the State was violating due process rights in how it went about recovering alleged overpayments from Medicaid providers.
  • Krone v. State, 222 P.3d 250 · Alaska 2009
    In this class action lawsuit against the State of Alaska, NJP stopped the termination of Medicaid Waiver benefits for hundreds of elderly and disabled Alaskans.
  • Heitz v. State, 215 P.3d 302 · Alaska 2009
    NJP successfully represented all of Alaska's licensed foster parents in a class action because the State was violating their due process rights in recouping alleged overpayments of foster care payments.
  • State v. Okuley, 214 P.3d 247 · Alaska 2009
    NJP successfully represented disabled Alaskans who were seeking interim disability benefits from the State.
  • Wooten v. Hinton, 202 P.3d 1148 · Alaska 2009
    NJP successfully represented low-income tenants in lawsuit that sought to remedy their landlord's racist, illegal and abusive policies.
  • Baker v. State, 191 P.3d 1005 0 · Alaska 2008
    NJP successfully represented class of disabled Alaskans in lawsuit against the State of over the State's management of the Medicaid PCA program.
In Trial Court
  • Nick v. Bethel, Case No. 3:07-cv-0098 TMB
    Along with the Native American Rights Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union, NJP helped negotiate a settlement with the State of Alaska to enhance Yup'ik language assistance for voters in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.
  • Putnam v. Anchorage School District, Case No. 3AN-15-7003 CI
    NJP sued the Anchorage School District for failing to comply with due process when suspending students from school. As a result of the lawsuit, ASD revised its suspension notices so that parents are now provided with an explanation of the factual reasons for a student's suspension.
  • Mulgrew v. State of Alaska,Case No. 3AN-10-6273 CI
    NJP successfully represented hundreds of Alaskan foster parents in challenging the amount of foster care maintenance payments and adoption subsidies paid by the Office of Children's Services. NJP negotiated a settlement which led to the payment of more than $1.1 million in retroactive payments to the class.
  • Moore v. Weidner Investment Services, Inc., Case No. 3AN-06-9690 CI
    NJP successfully represented thousands of Alaska tenants against Weidner Investments, "Alaska's largest landlord," which led to statewide refunds of excessive late fees and permanent reduction of all future late fees.
  • Avery v. Weidner Investment Services, Inc., Case No. 3AN-06-10676 CI
    NJP successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of more than 7,000 tenants who had excessive charges deducted from their security deposits.
  • Alaska General Credit Co. v. Jones, Case No. 3AN-06-11662 CI
    NJP successfully represented a class of more than 100 individuals whose vehicles were repossessed by the financing arm of a large car dealership in Anchorage.
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